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Sale information

General Conditions of Sale by Public Auction

The Sale is made in cash and the purchasers will pay in addition to the bids, by lot and without degressivity the following expenses:

30% VAT included for Voluntary Catalogued and Specialty Sales, 30% VAT included for Voluntary Period and Style Sales or 14.28% VAT included if it is a Judicial Sale (specified for each lot).

The applicable VAT rate is 20% except for books 5,5%, the VAT on the expenses could be refundable after the communication of any justifying document and this within one month maximum.

The payment must be carried out immediately after the sale exclusively by transfer or by CB according to the amounts and the country of origin of the card. Cash payments are limited according to the regulations in force.

cheques are not accepted.

the highest and last bidder will be the buyer subject to the auctioneer accepting the last bid by declaring the lot awarded.

the buyer will become the owner of the property awarded only from the effective payment. In

the event of a

double bid recognized by the auctioneer and noted in the minutes, the item will be put up for sale, and all amateurs present and in live or by telephone can participate in this second bidding.

The withdrawal of the items can be deferred until the collection and certified payment. If you are an online bidder, you authorize the auctioneer to use your credit card information to proceed with the payment, partial or total, of your purchases including the costs to be paid by the buyer.


The estimates made prior to the sale are provided for information purposes only.

The export or import of cultural goods may be subject to authorizations, which will be the exclusive responsibility of the buyer


The auction house can assist the buyer in the realization of the steps.

The lack of authorization or its delay will not justify a request for cancellation of the sale.

Similarly, the restrictions on the export of certain species will be the full responsibility of the future buyer.

Special conditions of sale are applicable to the sales of specialties and can be consulted on request.


objects presented at this auction are antique ceramics, collector's items sold as is. The absence of any indication of restoration or accident does not imply that the item is free of any defect.

The auction house is at your disposal for any information and a condition report will be required before bidding on this sale.

No mailing will be done for these ceramic lots. A specialized carrier will be required.


Auctioneers and Experts will execute free of charge the purchase orders entrusted to them, especially by amateurs unable to attend the sale. The purchase orders must be sent 24 hours in advance to be validated, provided that they are accompanied by all financial guarantees and communication of identity documents.

The request for a telephone line will only be possible from a certain amount decided by the Auction House and according to the type of sale



: As soon as the auction is announced, the buyer is the full owner of his lot.

2: The delivery of the awarded objects is carried out on the place of sale after full payment by the buyer.

3: Shipping of lots:

4: No postal shipment will be made for these ceramic lots.

For any other request, please contact Mrs Sylvie SALMON at the following address:

6. s.salmon@auctioncannes.com7. A

30-day storage tolerance after the sale will be observed. Beyond this period, storage costs will be charged at a rate of 5 euros per day and per object, excluding VAT. In the event that the object is not recovered within one year of the auction, it will be resold without reserve price, after deduction of the storage and storage costs.

The conditions of payment are as follows:

- €1,000 in cash for French tax residents and professionals

- €15,000 in cash for non-professional tax


Means of payment accepted: Credit card and bank transfer

For technical reasons, at the end of the sale, no payment or delivery will be accepted. These will be possible from the Tuesday following the sale at the office, located at 31 Boulevard d'Alsace in Cannes from 9 am.

Azur Enchères Cannes is subscribed to the TEMIS Service allowing the consultation and the feeding of the File of the restrictions of access to the auctions ("TEMIS File") implemented by the company Commissaires-Priseurs Multimédia (CPM), a limited company with a board of directors, having its head office located at (75009) Paris, 37 rue de Châteaudun, registered in the register of commerce and companies of Paris under the number 437 868 425.

Any auction slip remaining unpaid after Azur Enchères Cannes or having been the object of a delay in payment is subject to the following conditions

Sales conditions