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Sale information

General Conditions of Sale by Public Auction

The Sale is made in cash and the purchasers will pay in addition to the biddings, per lot and without degressivity the following expenses:

30% inclusive of tax for Voluntary Catalogued and Specialty Sales , 26% inclusive of tax for Voluntary Period and Style Sales. The fee for wine lots is 20% exclusive of tax.

The applicable VAT rate is 20%, except for books where it is 5.5%. VAT on fees may be reimbursed within one month of receipt of supporting documents.

Payment must be made immediately after the sale, exclusively by bank transfer or credit card, depending on the amount and the country of origin of the card. Cash payments are limited in accordance with current regulations.

Cheques are not accepted.

The highest and last bidder will be the buyer, subject to the auctioneer accepting the last bid and declaring the lot awarded.

The buyer does not become the owner of the lot until payment has been received. The Auction House shall not be held liable for any storage tolerated, the item being deemed to be under the buyer's exclusive guarantee as soon as the hammer is down.

In the event of a double bid recognized by the auctioneer and noted in the minutes, the item will be put up for sale, with all bidders present and bidding live or by telephone.

Collection of items may be deferred until certified payment has been received. If you are an online bidder, you authorize the auctioneer to use your credit card information to proceed with the payment, in part or in full, of your purchases, including the costs to be borne by the buyer. (Please refer to the special conditions for buying online).

Pre-sale estimates are provided for information only.

The export or import of cultural goods may be subject to authorizations, which will be the exclusive responsibility of the buyer. The Auction House may assist the buyer in obtaining these authorizations.

Failure to obtain authorization, or delays in obtaining it, will not justify a request for cancellation of the sale.

Similarly, restrictions on the export of certain species are the sole responsibility of the future buyer.

Special conditions of sale apply to specialty sales, and are available on request.


All lots are sold under the guarantee of the auctioneer and, if applicable, of the expert assisting him, in accordance with the designations given in the catalog and taking into account the rectifications announced at the time of presentation of the lot and recorded in the sales report.

In the case of antique and/or second-hand items, only the most significant accidents are mentioned in the descriptions.

Indications given by the Auction House as to the existence of restoration or accident affecting the lot are expressed to facilitate inspection by the potential buyer, but remain subject to his personal appreciation.

Re-covering, parquetry or lining, which constitute a conservatory measure and not a defect, are not indicated.

Dimensions are given as an indication only.

The absence of any indication of restoration, accident or incident in no way implies that an item is free of any present or past defect or repair. Conversely, the mention of a defect does not imply the absence of another defect. In any case, the objects are sold "as is", with all imperfections and defects, and no cancellation of the sale will be possible in the case of restoration or minor accidents, or on the grounds of a condition that does not conform to the description.

Potential buyers are therefore invited to examine the lots they may be interested in before the sale, particularly during public exhibitions, and to check that each item corresponds to the description.

For remote buyers, and in particular live buyers, the Auction House is at the disposal of future bidders to provide them with condition reports and additional photographs.

Requests for condition reports are compulsory for buyers who do not visit the public exhibition and examine the items in person. Without a formal request for condition reports, no claim for cancellation or compensation will be possible with the Auction House, especially if the lot is described as sold "as is".


The Auctioneers and Experts are responsible for executing, free of charge, the purchase orders entrusted to them, in particular by amateurs unable to attend the sale. Purchase orders must be sent 24 hours in advance in order to be validated, and must be accompanied by all financial guarantees and proof of identity.

Telephone line requests will only be possible above a certain amount decided by the auction house and depending on the type of sale.


The buyer becomes the full owner of his lot as soon as the auction is announced.

The auctioned items are delivered to the place of sale after full payment by the buyer.

The Auction House may arrange transport at its own discretion.

Sales conditions