MILITARIA CAMBODIA, 1952 - 1954 362 photographs... - Lot 271 - Pichon & Noudel-Deniau (Azur Enchères)

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MILITARIA CAMBODIA, 1952 - 1954 362 photographs... - Lot 271 - Pichon & Noudel-Deniau (Azur Enchères)
CAMBODIA, 1952 - 1954

362 photographs taken and/or collected in two albums by Squadron Leader LE GURUN, Chief of Staff of the Eastern Sector of Kg-Cham. Attached is a diploma of Knight of the Royal Order of Cambodia dated April 20, 1953, issued in his name under No. 89, for the services he rendered to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

One album presents 112 views of the temples and sculptures of ANGKOR-VAT as well as local types, Buddhist festivals and ceremonies and village scenes. The other album, of 250 views, presents many monuments of PHNOM PENH, including the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda, the Phnom Pagoda, the hotel of the Commissioner of the Republic where General DIO (commander of the ground forces from 1950 to 1952) sat under King Norodom SIHANOUK (1922 - 2012). Aerial views of the residential area and towards the Tonle Sap lake. Harvest festival, Chinese festival, Sacred Furrow festival and equestrian games. Celebrations of the turning of the waters with the representatives of the Commissariat of the Republic, view of the ship Le Savorgnan-de-Brazza decorated for the occasion. Reception of the Minister of the Associated States Letourneau. Views of self-defense villages, views of "recovery" operations in the Viet zone. Ethnic types in the Upper Chong region and Mois country... A hand-drawn map shows the places mentioned. Some pictures are grouped under the title "the poetry of the Mekong river banks". Other scenes of daily life; "Sidewalk dentist", "Open-air restaurants", "Pirogue back from the race", are grouped under the theme "The gesture, the balance, to live..." Hawk fishing, corn harvesting road to Saigon, Cambodian women. Views of the Damber region long under Viet Minh influence recovered under Royal authority. Celebrations of the Royal Khmer Armed Forces who took their independence in Kompong Tcham in October/November 1953: photographers in action during the military parade, parade of Khmer women... At the end of the album, Squadron Leader Le GURUN, writes that after the departure of the French Army from Cambodia, he leaves for North Vietnam and Dien Bien Phu where he will be taken prisoner during the Indochina War (November 1953 - May 1954). An identity portrait shows him smiling with the caption "Saigon September 1954 after Viet Minh captivity, Free". This unique collection of photographs and documents sheds a unique and sensitive light on Khmer traditions, culture and the French presence in Indochina.
Personalities quoted in the comments: General Dio and his deputy Gaillard, Chapalain, Letourneau, Gorce, Colonel Potin, Mr. Rislurecci, Colonel de Champvallier, General Langlade, Commander Rousset, General Cogny, Colonel Poix...

The gelatin-silver prints, ranging in size from 9 x 6.5 cm to 12 x 9 cm, with serrated margins, are presented in two albums (some photographs are in the medium format 18 x 22.5 cm). The albums are beautifully crafted and come in sizes of 29.5 x 44 cm and 29.5 x 42.5 cm. The bindings are held together by cords. The first plates in varnished wood have decorative nets and military insignia in metal and enamel including: 6th RIC, 1eBMOII, 2RMC, RMC1 (first battalion mixed regiment Cambodia) and insignia of the 3rd BBC, 3rd battalion of Cambodian fighters (creation of the insignia by Drago, Olivier Métra). Format of the diploma: 44 x 50 cm.
Conditions: the pages receiving the photographs are protected by transparent serpents of unequal quality. Some traces of rubbing and scratches are visible on the covers of the albums.

Expert : Yves DI MARIA
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